Spotlight on the U.S. Figure Skating Auctions

11 Jul

Every month U.S. Figure Skating hosts an online auction to support the Memorial Fund or one of the many programs at U.S. Figure Skating. This month, Pic Skate has generously donated a pair of “Professional” PIC Skates (#704) to be auctioned off along with a t-shirt autographed by athletes at the 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships!

The “Professional” (valued at $495) is designed to provide the support and response necessary for the most demanding moves. Whether landing double jumps or executing a lay back spin, the “Professional” stands up to the task. Choose the freestyle 4 wheel model or the dance/freestyle 3 wheel model. The auction winner will provide a boot size, with the three wheel version available in sizes 7 or smaller.

We’d like to thank Pic Skate for their donation and we know the winner of the auction will love their skates and t-shirt!

For more information about their products, visit

Click here to bid

PIC Skate

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